Divorce Records

Online Divorce Records

If you are planning to Search Divorce Records, there are several ways to do it. There are also several places where you can obtain them. Fortunately, public offices that maintain such records are obliged to provide access to the public upon request. There are different requirements and instructions as to how to get them depending on which state you are requesting them. In some states, it may also vary from county to county.

The records are part of vital records but it does not mean that all the information in it can be accessed by everybody. Of course, those whose names are on the records have the right to view and access all the information found on the records. Their legal representatives also have the right to do so if it is needed for legal matters. If you have an order from the court, you may also have full access of the records. If you do not have authorization from the court, you may still have access to the records but you will only be provided with little information that is enough to verify whether the divorce has been finalized or not.

There are specific pieces of information that you need to provide so you can start a search. You have to know the names of the couple, and the place where the divorce was filed and granted. It is  critical that you know at least the full name of the husband or the wife because in cases where a couple has a very common last name like Smith or Johnson, it will be harder to locate the correct record because there are more than one record having the same last name. If you can be more specific with the information you provide, results will be returned faster. For example, if you can provide the exact date or at least the exact year of the divorce, the search category will become narrower and lesser records will be searched from.

Some states have a central repository in their Department of Public Health while some do not have one. Some states keep their records on a county level where the records were filed and granted. Especially if the records are very old, they will only be located at the specific County Clerk’s Office where it was originally filed and granted. There is, however, a slimmer chance of locating very old records since other states did not have a very good record keeping practices in the past.

An online search is also possible if you want to retrieve the records faster. This method is also very convenient since you can do it anywhere as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. There are several online service providers on the Web that you can choose from. Some render fees while some do not but both can provide divorce records.

Paid online service providers can provide a more comprehensive version of the records. Free online service providers provide lesser information but of course they can extract the basic important parts of the records. If you wish to get the records just to gain information, then getting Divorce Records Free of any charge is the way to go.